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13 Ways in Which Being a Student is Kind of Like Being a Toddler

  1. Naptime is an integral part of your day.
  2. You, on occasion, can be found curled up, clutching a bottle.
  3. Left to your own devices, you will never leave your bed.
  4. You sometimes cry for your mum (don’t look at me like that, we’ve all done it).
  5. "Three square meals a day" is a foreign concept to you.
  6. You have thrown up on yourself.
  7. When hungry, you will cry, whine, and otherwise throw a complete tantrum until given food.
  8. You believe, and will not be convinced otherwise, that pizza can be eaten for every meal.
  9. When it comes to winter clothes, it doesn’t matter how ridiculous you look as long as you’re warm.
  10. You have the most ridiculous sleeping pattern known to man.
  11. You watch cartoons. Constantly.
  12. Everyone is amazed when you say completely mundane things (this is exclusive to international students).
  13. When you’re ill, you completely cease to function as a human being, refusing to be anything approaching productive, whining a lot, and requiring constant looking-after.

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