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Happy Birthday kateordie, we love you!

It is Kate Leth’s 256th birthday on this planet, and to celebrate this, we have THREE NEW KATEORDIE ITEMS IN THE TOPATOCO STORE! Three! It’s bananas!

Speaking of bananas, we have the "NSFW Shirt", which you might have seen before on the "Adults Only" stickers.

We also have announce the existence of the “Geek Girl Illuminati” shirt and patch! Beware, geek girls are everywhere! And we will get you.

CHECK THIS STUFF OUT!!! I am SO excited about these new things, especially the patch and shirt! I will be posting about it all of the time. ALL OF IT.

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“I am so excited to be living one of my dreams – to be here on Sesame Street. I’m here because I am teaching everybody on Sesame Street the importance and the power of ‘yet.’ Never, ever, ever give up because there’s so much power in ‘yet.’” - JMonáe

Sesame Street: Janelle Monáe - Power of Yet [x]

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